About IAAB

I AM A BILLIONAIRE; A company designed to inspire and assist your manifestations. Created to remind us that thoughts become reality and we become what we believe.

The mind is such a powerful tool and constantly needs to be reminded of its potential.
We are all a product of our environment. Therefore the first step is to surround yourself with goals and inspiration to ensure successful achievements.

The concept of this company, I AM A BILLIONAIRE, was formulated to open your mind and think outside the box.
Being a billionaire is only a state of mind and doesn’t necessarily mean purely material wealth; riches come in many forms.

I AM A BILLIONAIRE, is a reminder, to do your upmost in everything you pursue, whether it be, your career, relationship, education or even simply cooking the perfect meal.
With constant reminders and signs, it will remind, inspire and push you, to always give 110% and to ensure you give the very best of your ability in order to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

We design products and clothing to inspire oneself in our day to day lives.

Mindset is everything, therefore fuel your mind with powerful and uplifting information and in turn you will always get a positive outcome.

Enjoy shopping with us!